Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Mother Lode!

Winning things is not something I have a lot of experience with. Way back in 8th grade, I won 2nd or 3rd place in an essay contest, which resulted in little more than a photo op for the newspaper. How boring! Besides that, I can't really recall ever winning anything.

My luck changed when I submitted my Sunday Best Schnibbles to Sherri's blog for the Schnibbles Parade. I learned that I had been selected to win a layer cake from one of my favorite quilt gurus, Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilts. (Yes, she IS one of my favorites; even before this haul came in today's mail!!)

So today, I go to the post office (a whole different story: our mailbox was the casualty of an over-eager snowplow about 3 weeks ago) and I am not surprised to have a box handed to me. But I am surprised at how heavy it is - just how much does a layer cake weigh, anyway???

Well, goodness gracious, look at what all was in the box!
I'm just blown away at Carrie's generosity! According to the PO weight label, I got 8 lbs. of goodies!! Not one layer cake, but 2! Three charm packs, 2 Schnibbles, and a couple of Easter surprises - a bag of jelly beans and a really cool nesting egg; just wait till you see this:

Four eggs in graduated sizes, each fitted into the next larger one, beautifully painted.  Here they are opened up:
Carrie's generosity knows no bounds, I do believe. Look at all the quilting goodies!

And if all that weren't enough, look at this:

A honking-big bag of jelly beans, and the sweetest note from Carrie and Rosie. I am just beyond thrilled! Even the notecard is special. I don't know how Carrie knew that I am absolutely in love with Italy, but she did! Here's the front of her card:

What fun! I must get busy on some more Schnibbles! Maybe I will get Roundabout made for this month's parade!

Special note to Carrie: one of the Schnibbles you sent was Tagalong. Cool coincidence. I made the bed-size version, Tag Sale, about 5 years ago, and hand-quilted it!! It was a delight to make, and one of my favorites of all time! Thank you so, so much for the fun box of goodies!!


  1. I'm glad you liked everything! And aren't boxes so much more fun when there's a surprise or two in there?

    What do you mean I have to wait to find out what you're making with those stars? :)

  2. I seriously can't divulge until May or June - it will be gifted by then. It's a lot like waiting for Christmas, isn't it?? :-)

  3. Look at all your loot! I love the nested
    Easter eggs and all your fabric goodies! OMG! You got spoiled by that Ms. Carrie! How sweet is that!


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