Monday, March 1, 2010

Who Is This Woman?

I don't know what's gotten into me! Honestly, I have for years been the poster child for procrastination. So I really cannot explain the sudden burst of productivity. Oh, well, I am so not going to complain about it and try to keep it going!! I love it!

Here is what I made this morning. It was totally spontaneous.
From this weekend's charm packs, I had several 5" squares of a variety of beiges. Plus, I had a third charm pack as yet untouched. While putting the Schnibbles together yesterday, I noticed that I really liked the combination of these beiges with the dusty, pale peachy-rosy-pink. Well, who says you have to do more than just sew a bunch of squares together?? I pulled out all that the extra charm pack had, added a few choice pieces from my stash, and voila! A nifty little wall hanging. I put a skinny brown border on it, and I am planning to add another wider border of a reddish hue - something close to most red block in the quilt.

This wall hanging currently measures about 24"x29".

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