Saturday, March 6, 2010

Road Trip!

Years ago, the words road trip meant an entirely different thing, didn't it? For us quilters, road trip means either shopping, conventions, quilt shows, seminars, classes, or combinations of these. The little quilt group I belong to took off early yesterday morning to a quilt show in Lebanon, OH. It was held in the Warren County Historical Society Museum, and offered a unique opportunity to display some of the antique quilts in their collection. In addition, there was a special exhibit called "Inspired by Red and Green," which was interesting in that several top-name quilters in the industry reproduced an antique red and green applique quilt from a picture. The workmanship was extraordinary.

My one complaint about the show was its crowdedness. It made taking pictures impossible. I am sure the sponsors and vendors were thrilled with the attendance, but as one of those attendees, I was all too ready to get out of there because it was just too cramped to be comfortable.

My only pics are ones I took today of the stash enhancement I did with a few of the vendors at the quilt show. I wanted to buy more (I know, I've fallen off the wagon!), but the booths were just impossible in some cases to get into.

The top photo features all reproduction fabrics. The rolled set of 8 fat quarters is from the Sturbridge Village collection. The folded stack is an assortment of 1-yard cuts.

The set of 4 blues is called Ivana by Sentimental Studios of Moda. It was a total impulse purchase. I saw that intriguing combination of blue and green as a perfect group of fabrics for a bag I've been wanting to start. If I don't do that, I will make a quilt with large pieces, as these are telling me they'd look best this way. Their charm would be totally lost in small pieces.

No progress to report on any projects. I did however spend a good amount of time today straightening up my sewing room. A few bloggers I follow posted pics of their spiffy, newly-cleaned workspaces, and so I decided I needed to put mine in better order.

Happy stitching, all!

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