Friday, March 12, 2010

Inventing As I Go

About a week ago, I was inspired by blogger-friend Nicole's progress on a pretty blue and yellow quilt. Since my stash is full of nearly every color combination known to man, I took off on a tangent and started a blue and yellow quilt of my own.

I wanted to do something that would be simple and fast. Those are key words: SIMPLE and FAST. My first impulse was to make the easiest block ever, a bunch of 9-patches.

 After I had about 30 of those, I had to figure out how to put them together. The obvious next step was to look through many quilt books and magazines for ideas, which I did. In the end, though, I simply ended up just creating out of my own head. (Incredibly scary thought, I know!)

I actually took out graph paper and colored pencils to draft out something I liked.

Simple and fast, remember? It made sense to just use plain connecting blocks. That's what's drawn on the top of the graph page (on the right). But I've always liked 9-patch blocks on point. Thus, the bottom drawing on the page (on the left). I made the connecting blocks out of yellow and blue half-square triangles. Easy, easy, easy!! Simple and fast has been accomplished!
Well, here is my progress so far:

The blocks are laid out across the guest bed. Looks pretty good, wouldn't you say? My current step is figuring out the side and corner triangles. This requires a certain amount of math. Not my area; I taught English for 30 years! Give me a bit of time, though; I'll get 'er figgered out! (This may be the non-simple and easy part of my project.)


  1. That is so pretty Jayne! I use my guest room bed to lay out my quilts too. lol
    There just isn't anything fresher and more soothing than a blue and yellow quilt.

  2. Although I haven't made a blue and yellow quilt in years, it is one of my favorite combinations - especially now when spring seems to be taking it's time to get here. You have a beautiful quilt!

  3. A gorgeous quilt! I love the yellow and blue's so cheerful!


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