Saturday, April 17, 2010

After a Long Absence

My sister Sandy is not a quilter, but I am sure she appreciates their beauty as well as the time it takes to make them. Even so, she does follow my quilting blog and yesterday informed me that it had been awhile since I'd updated. Hmmm...10 days, to be exact. I have good excuses! It's been a busy time of year, and we have had the most amazing April weather (so far), too many other things seem to have taken precedence over blogging!

So, 'Hi Sandy!,' and here we go.

I mentioned in the previous post that I bought a couple of Charm Packs in Coshocton for the April Schnibbles called 'Tagalong.' I've finished the main part of it and have cut the inner border, but have not yet attached it. Then I still need to cut and arrange the corner blocks and the outer border. Here is my Tagalong so far:

I'm using a Kansas Troubles line called...hmmm...something with Butterflies in it...I will clarify when I post the finished project.  *Edit: Butterfly Garden; if I'd just looked back at my previous post I would have found it. duh... I just love the pattern. It is a smaller version of 'Tag Sale,' which I made several years ago and which I keep on my guest bed. I hand-quilted Tag Sale, but I am not sure which way I will quilt Tagalong.

Another activity that  has taken up some of my time is my two-day Shop Hop experience with my quilting friends from Frankfort. I've only been with them since last July, but I always have such a great time with these girls! Before I entered the picture, they'd been meeting every other Friday morning for quite a while. (I should ask them how long.) Anyway, I sure am glad they've accepted me into the fold. 

We went to a 7-shop hop in northern Kentucky and western Indiana - just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. We stayed in a lovely town - Madison, Indiana - at Clifty Inn, a state park overlooking the river. Over the next several days, I plan to blog about the shop hop, as I was a good blogger and took pictures at every shop.

I will tease you with 2 today. Here you see my mound of purchases piled onto my ironing board. I mostly bought fat quarters, as I had no real burning desire to add major yardage to my stash. In addition, I bought a purse pattern, a book, a sweet little snipper scissors, and grommets for the purse pattern.

I seem to be in a reproduction fabric mood lately. It's been awhile since I picked up any brights/moderns.

Here is a shot of our hotel, the Clifty Inn, located just outside Madison, IN.


  1. Nice fabrics...and you are right, there is more to the quilting experience than just quilts themselves. like a plan to me.

  2. Great stash! I've never done a shop hop. Yikes, I'd be very poor and need a trailer to haul home my goodies.

  3. Don't you love fabric shopping with kindred spirits? What a fun trip.

  4. I like your fabric choice for Tagalong! I wasn't very excited by what I picked, so I ended up setting mine differently, but the rich tones in the KT fabric are perfect for the pattern.


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