Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Fun Comparison

Earlier this week I finished the borders on my April Schnibbles called "Tagalong." It was fun to do, and I really liked the Butterfly Garden fabric I used.
This is the old picture (before borders); I will save the finished picture for the Schnibbles Parade on the first of May. The Butterfly Garden fabric is by Kansas Troubles of Moda. Kansas Troubles specializes in creating fabrics that give the feel of sturdy, utility quilts made by our great-grandmothers from old shirts and dresses. They seem to evoke pioneer strength.

A little tangent: The Schnibbles line of patterns are the brainchild of quilting guru Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company. I swore I would not be taken in by these patterns, but alas, I am hooked. I suppose I've got about a dozen of them. The one that hooked me was "Darcy." I am a retired English teacher and a huge Jane Austen fan. Carrie's description on the "Darcy" pattern is a beautiful play on the famous first line of Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Delightful! It won me over.

Now, back to the fun comparison I want to talk about in today's blog post...

"Tagalong" is a smaller rendition of an earlier Miss Rosie full-size pattern called "Tag Sale." I first saw this quilt on display in Waynesville at the Fabric Shack. It was stunning. Sadly, their display must have garnered lots of interest because they had no patterns on hand. Eventually, I did manage to get the pattern, and later it came out in a book that Carrie released.

Here is my "Tag Sale." I loved making it. Both my daughters intimated that it was their favorite quilt of all that I'd ever made. (Makes me consider doing another one, just to avoid a fuss over who gets it!)

My apologies for the poor photo quality. This picture was taken with quite a while ago with my old camera. Perhaps I will  take a better shot of it because I would like some help concerning it...

I wish I could identify the fabric I used. I bought it as a large fat quarter pack at Creations in Chillicothe. The pairing of "Tag Sale" and this fabric just sort of happened. I needed to add about 6 fat quarters from my stash to get the entire top done. I love the floral cottage look. This quilt adorns the bed in our guest room.

Isn't it cool to see how different the same basic pattern looks when done up in vastly different fabrics?

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