Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shop Hop Report - Day 1

Terry, Sharon, Sheryll and I made our way from Frankfort, OH, to northern Kentucky last Wednesday, for the first 4 shops of our shop hop. Here is a pictorial diary in chronological order.
Shop # 1 for us was Cabin Arts in Burlington, KY. It is a genuine restored cabin, but way too small to be a quilt shop! Here are some indoor shots.

 Note the bolts of fabric stacked around on the floor. I am sure they had many lovely fabrics, but I was not moved to dig for them. On a more positive note, they had many inspiring wall displays, and the staff was helpful. A second building used for classes and additional displays is situated on the opposite side of the driveway and parking area.

Our 2nd shop of the day was The Quilt Box in Dry Run, KY. This shop is situated in the most picturesque location you can imagine. It is surrounded by hills and hollows which were awash in spring color. Breathtaking! I've taken as many pictures outdoors as I did indoors at this shop.
This shop, too, featured a restored log cabin, but it also had a sizeable addition which made for ease of access to all the fabrics in the store. The Quilt Box carried an extensive line of reproduction fabrics, as well as all the current popular lines. Here are a few more pics of the Quilt Box, both indoors and out.

After lunch at a Cracker Barrel, we headed across the Ohio River to Madison, Indiana, where we located L&L Yard Goods.

And our 4th and final shop for day one was Margie's Country Store, located in the historic district of Madison.

Again, we were in a shop with very little breathing room. Tight aisles plus additional shoppers makes it somewhat frustrating to have an enjoyable shopping experience. I tried to be as forgiving as I could, given the unusual circumstances. If I lived near this shop, I would know that I had a treasure. Again, the main focus, as I saw it, was the reproduction fabrics. Many samples made up and on display helped shoppers to visualize all the possibilities!

This photo is taken in the basement of Margie's Country Store. See that gorgeous stone arch? Very historic. Very cool. I really liked this building.

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