Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Busy Week

Living with a senior in high school is so much fun. Emma has had an active school career, and this week exemplifies that. And, the reason I decided to retire in 2009 was so I could enjoy her school activities and be more involved in them. My older 2 kids didn't get that attention, and I regret it.

So, Emma had a part in the school musical, Bye, Bye Birdie. She played the Ann-Margaret character, Kim MacAfee, who gets chosen to kiss Conrad Birdie before he goes into the army. The stage adaptation of that old movie is quite funny, and several scenes had the audiences nearly rolling in the aisles.

My involvement was making costumes (2 skirts) and creating the program (8 pages, 750 copies, folded and stapled). I also volunteered to help with hair, since some of the kids were apparently clueless about hairstyles in the late 1950s.

Here is my star, Emma, with the boy who played Conrad after the show, where the cast does a meet and greet with the audience.
Can't you just see how much fun she is having? Not only does she love the limelight, she also has a positive attitude and a happy disposition, so she's just an all-around fun person to be around. I'm pretty proud of her, that's for sure.  *big grin on Mom's face!*

In other news from our household, my washer died this week. Crazy busy doing stuff on a deadline, and my washer goes out...that's a Murphy's Law if I ever heard one. Had a new one delivered on Friday afternoon, after I'd done 7 loads of laundry at the Laundry-Mat on Thursday!! I hate that!

I did manage to get to Quilt Group for just an hour or so on Friday morning. I grabbed the yo-yos, since I'd not been working on anything for the past 2 weeks. I do have some pics to share from the other gals, though. They'd been to a quilt retreat last weekend with the guild they belong to - gosh, they got a lot accomplished at this retreat!! Terry and JoAnn had some projects for show and tell.

JoAnn made this table mat, which she was binding, and...

This wall-hanging. The blocks are charm-square size, to give you an idea. Both of these projects are from scraps, and JoAnn is a master of using up her leftovers. She's created quite a lot of beautiful pieces from the scrap pile! Good for her!

Terry had several also:
This blue and white beauty. Love it!

Small projects with big impact. Love them all and seeing them gives me inspiration to get back to work on my own stash!

And Terry had one BIG project - BEAUTIFUL!! She's going to lend me her pattern when she locates it! :-)

Now, here is a new technique the two of them experiemented with: sew circles one on top of another, raw edges exposed. After batting, quilting and binding, they will wash their piece and Voila! the edges will fray and look all soft and cuddly. 

JoAnn did a small wall-hanging.

Terry did a larger lap quilt.

I think these will look fantastic when they are finished!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Hi Jayne...
    I think your daughter looks exstatic with her acting partner. Oh to be young again! :)

    I really like the hexagon and circles quilt ideas. I'd like to see what the circle quilt looks like after a number of washes. I might try a small one to see! Thanks for the ideas!


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