Friday, March 4, 2011

Shame, Guilt and Embarrassment

The Triumvirate of Motivation.


After posting yesterday the mess I call my sewing room, these 3 emotions nagged me all day. I did get a fair amount of work done on my Long Road Home project, but I kept glancing at something that could/should be put away or picked up or straightened. It got so bad that I decided to bite the bullet and take action.

By gosh, I cleaned my sewing room. Yeah, I know! Shock and awe!!

Let's do a before and after.

Here is the before pic standing in the doorway:
And after:

Here's the before shot from my seat at the sewing machine:

And after:

I folded yards and yards of fabric and put it away. I cleaned off the blue dresser that butts up to my sewing table. I separated scraps and found storage for them. I threw out a lot: old lists, boxes, packaging, catalogs, etc. Three empty bins are now filled with planned projects for this year (hopefully!). Last,I ran the sweeper. Whew. What a task, but I am quite pleased.

Now, there are certainly some areas that still need attention. The Clean Police would still probably write me a ticket, you know?? Take that that tub just under the front of the ironing board, for example. It is completely full of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I cannot lift it nor scoot it. So I really, I mean really, need to just start stitching. I could work for a year on nothing else but this bin, and still probably not be able to use it all. (That sounds like a lovely challenge, though!)

I tucked away a stack of patterns that I've removed from magazines or copied off the internet. These need to find their way into plastic sleeves, and then into a binder. I've got the sleeves and the binder, but I'll get to it another day.

I really want to stay focused on Long Road Home.

I've gone from this:

To this:

To this:

I know I'm going to love this quilt, but I really think the next one I make will have way bigger pieces. I have a need for speed!


  1. Jayne...I'm going to love this next quilt of yours!! Lovely! Nice job on the clean up! I need to get downstairs and do that myself!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Doesn't it feel great to have done the straightening? When we closed the shop and moved everything to the house, I felt like a hoarder! I have cleaned and organized for MONTHS! My sewing room still needs some love, especially since we are getting ready to list our house for sale! How's that for motivation? LOL


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