Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Cluttered Workspace

I make no bones about it. When I work in the sewing room, all I need is a path to the sewing machine and a somewhat cleaned-off ironing board, my ipod tuned in to some good old classics like The Eagles or Journey, and my Ott-lite. Consequently, my sewing room looks like this at the moment:

Oh, dear, I can't believe I'm showing this mess...oh, well, there is my path from the door of my sewing room. Just go past the dresser with the open drawer, the pile of recent on-line purchases, and make a left at the 2 empty bins on the floor.

This is the view from my sewing chair. The closet on the opposite wall has DH/s summer clothes hanging on the left, and my quilt tops hanging on the right. The chair, aka 'The Thoughtful Spot,'  has two tubs of fabric stacked in it from last week when I was digging around for a particular red. Generally, that chair is clear for sitting and thinking great thoughts. In the foreground are the stacks prepared for my current project, Long Road Home.

Ok, so here's the reason why I bared my soul (and my messiness) to all of the blogosphere. About a week ago, I made a comment on a blog. The topic asked how quilters handle post-project clean-up. Obviously, my comment wanted to know "What cleanup???"

So, this blogger was offering a giveaway to 2 responders who shared their stories, and the random generator selected my number! How cool is that? Just goes to show that a cleaned-up sewing room would have gotten me nowhere in that giveaway!

Here's the most awesome part of all...the blogger was one of my favorite designers: Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie Quilt Company! I have had a quilting love affair with her since seeing "Tag Sale" made up and on display in a quilt shop. I tracked down the pattern, made it, HAND QUILTED it, and currently use it on my guest bed (when I can keep my two girls' hands off it!)

(Brief tangent: Erin, DD#1, told me as I was quilting it, "Mom, this is the prettiest quilt you've ever made." Awwww, shucks.)

So, Carrie, and Miss Rosie, I thank you not only for offering the giveaway, but also for the years of great patterns! I own at least 3 of your books and at least a dozen Schnibbles patterns.

I will post the giveaway goodies upon their arrival.

Please feel free to make me feel better about my messy workspace by sharing your own messy stories! I need validation!! lol

PS: Tag Sale is one of the quilts pictured up there in my blog header.


  1. I can't stay focused if I don't clean up between projects. I'd see something and get distracted.....I'd do that again and again and never finish a thing.
    Congrats on the win!

  2. Oh my gosh! How did you get MY before picture! This could be - this was! - my sewing room. Been there, lived that... burned the pictures. You are so so SO much braver than I am. Seriously, do you know how many Messiest Sewing Room contests I could have won if only I had had the nerve to show my reality.

    If it makes you feel better, having a relatively organized and nice sewing room isn't all its cracked up to be. Do you know how much work it takes to keep it that way while working? It's a constant uphill battle.

    Besides, have you ever seen a picture of Albert Einstein's desk? It was pretty messy and he was a recognized genius!

  3. I believe all creative genius' work better in a cluttered messes.

  4. Yep... it's like we are living in parallel rooms..... I even have that wardrobe in the corner and OF COURSE... I HAVE THAT SAME "WORK IN PROGRESS" LOOK!! Sometimes I think I need one of those construction site signs on my sewing room door....."WEAR YOUR HARD HAT" :-)

    There is a saying "My house was tidy last week..... sorry you missed it!" -
    that's my motto!


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