Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilting Day

"Days like today make me really happy to be a quilter." I made this proclamation around 2:00 this afternoon. I was with my friend Terry (of the Frankfort quilting group) and three other women I met just this morning. We shared a day of quilting and getting to know each other. And it was a wonderful day.

This is a pretty little building called a "barn" by its owner, Mary, who was our hostess today. (And, yes, those are snowflakes!) Inside, it is a quilter's haven. Work stations, ironing board, counter space, all the necessary amenities!

The "barn" is a delightfully cozy cottage-like building draped with quilts and wall hangings. Eye candy everywhere!!

Mary has regularly scheduled quilting events here in her barn, and it's just as casual and comfortable as can be. Terry has been going for awhile now, and invited me to join her today. The other two quilters who shared in our fun were Sherrie and Monica.

My friend Terry has been working diligently over the past year or so on the Farmer's Wife quilt. Today she finished off 3 more blocks (she has around 80 done!).

Her blocks are beautiful, and this quilt will be stunning. I can't wait to see it come together!

My new acquaintances were all working on diverse and interesting projects.
Monica worked on this Gathering Baskets quilt. Quite a lot of half-square triangles, and she was using blacks and beiges - very striking results!

Sherrie worked on a black and cream quilt. These 16-patch blocks will be alternated with star blocks.
Hostess Mary worked on a log cabin. These colors are greens and aquas mixed with beiges and browns.
I pulled out an old UFO - Broken Dishes by Kaffe Fassett. I need to look back through my records to see if I can locate a start date on this quilt. I will hazard a guess at 4 years ago - 2007. I would really like to be able to call this a finish for 2011.

The opportunity to meet new quilting friends, and get in a quality day-full of quilting on a long-term project - well, both were quite welcome and satisfying. The community aspect of quilting cannot be overstated. We grow in our knowlege of the craft as much as in the richness of our friendships.


  1. It looks like you had a great day, and what a cozy place to quilt!

  2. Nice barn! So agree with the growth of crafting and friendship! Oh how much snow did you get down there Jayne?

  3. That looks like a wonderful space for quilting! What beautiful projects too!!

  4. I love the flag quilt with the 3 dogs. I would love to make something similar and give credit via my blog. Do you know the quilt designer?

  5. What a wonderful quilt retreat - a separate space, but close to home! Love your thoughts on the community of quilting. Well said!

  6. Wonderful post today, Jayne--both the photos and the sentiment. The community of quilters is indeed encouraging and comforting--all at once. Aren't we a wonderful group?
    Great projects all over that lovely little "barn," and lucky you for getting a chance to quilt there.


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