Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day!

Happy May Day, Quilting Friends!

Last night was Emma's prom, so I can now finally share with you some pictures of the infamous dress. I swear, I did not anticipate having the issues with it that I had, but in the end, it all worked out.

We added some features that the pattern did not call for. She wanted "puddling" of the back, so I added length and curved it around. Looks okay from a distance, but I wouldn't want any master seamstresses to check my symmetry. According to the pattern options, the midriff could be ruched or decorated with a ribbon and bow. Emma, however, found a pretty beading embellisment that we applied instead. It was not that much extra work, and I liked the fact that it gave it just a bit of a more glitzy and glamorous look.

This picture shows the midriff, somewhat. It's not that distinct, but since I've described it, you can use your imagination! lol

Now, about those issues I mentioned. We had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction with the invisible zipper in this dress. I was frantic when it occurred, about 30 minutes prior to Geoffrey's arrival. I actually had to hand stitch her zipper closing for the top 4 inches or so. The trouble was with the midriff and all those layers I spoke of in an earlier post. The zipper teeth began separating; the zipper was up and I could not get it to zip down. When dresses are tight, I have heard of this happening, but this was not tight. (She actually would have liked it to be a bit tighter to give her a more secure feeling that the dress was going to stay up!)

A funny story to tell years from now - she packed along a pair of small scissors in her handbag to use when she changed out of her dress and into casual clothes for the All Night Party. I doubt there were any other promgoers who carried scissors in their handbags!

Now I need to fix this zipper, as the dress is supposed to be available for one more function. The high school's Show Choir, of which Emma is a member, always has a big production each spring, and most of the girls will wear their prom dresses for the event. I really hoped I would be done with this dress and be able to go back to quilts!


Jennifer O. said...

I think you did a fantastic job Jayne!

QuiltSue said...

She looks lovely in the gorgeous dress, but I did have to laugh a bit about the scissors being taken along too.

Lori said...

It is beautiful! Sorry about the zipper problems and hope you can get it fixed.