Friday, September 2, 2011

I Fixed My Goof

Back awhile, on a day when Sharon was coming over to sew, I'd planned to work on the OSU t-shirt quilt. I cut out the t-shirts, then the interfacing, and proceeded with ironing on. Ehh, well, what do you know?? I bought and cut out non-fusible interfacing! There was no way it was ever going to "iron on." Dang! This frustrates me so - when I have a project ready to go and a stupid mistake prevents my making any progress on it.

And, to make matters worse, I bought about 20 yards of the non-fusible interfacing. I'd found a great sale, and since I had a couple of t-shirt quilts lined up, I figured I'd use it.

So what to do?? I had mountains of this stuff that I just hated to see go to waste!

Give me enough time, and I can often come up with an idea, you know??

Spray adhesive!
Last week, when I went to Kay's to work on the t-shirt quilt, I took both interfacings; she had some spray adhesive so I tried it and it worked!!! So, I will be able to use up the non-fusible that I have after all! Hurray!

Here is a quilt that Kay is doing for a friend who is a cancer survivor.

Twelve shirts - 12 years of survivorship!

Our friend and former colleague, Nancy, a non-quilter, was learning to make t-shirt quilts. Having 3 kids who were extremely active when in high school, she has plenty of t-shirts at her disposal.

Later today, I am meeting Kay and we are going to a quilt show in Circleville sponsored by the guild from up there - The Good Time Quilters. Pics forthcoming!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Don't you just hate it when you do something like that? Still, at least you found a solution so it's not going to go to waste.


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