Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Quilting, But Still Sewing

I regret to report that I have not had a whole lot of time lately to devote to sewing on quilts; however, I have still been busy at the machine.

Emma has gone off to college (2 full weeks now *sniff*), and she needed curtains for her dorm room. Voila! Ask, and ye shall receive!

I'm afraid this pic is the best I can do; she sent it from her cell phone, and it gets too fuzzy if I try to enlarge it. The fabric is called Honey Child by Jennifer Paganelli. 

The minute I saw it at Waynesville (on the day of the tea party about 3 weeks ago), I knew it would coordinate with Emma's bedspread, so I bought 5 yards of it. This pic was snagged from a fabric site, so it too is fuzzy, but Emma is very pleased. Now she says she needs posters. Sorry, that's not my department!!

Then, with her off to college, her room became free for updating! Take a look:

 I moved her bed from the window wall to the position above, and replaced her curtains. The fabric I used on them is a Joanna Figuroa fabric I had in my stash. The stars on the wall were put there by DD#1, Erin, when she occupied this room. I suspect that when DH retires in another year, painting might be one of the things he does not just in this room, but in a lot of the house.

On the opposite wall, I had to get creative. I ran short of the JF fabric, so had to add a purple JF fabric from the same line to give me (almost) enough length to look decent.

Now, in addition to making window dressing, I had some mending to do. Emma wanted to take 2 clothing items with her to school, but they needed minor mending, so I took care of that and mailed them off to her in a goodie box. Yes, brownies were sent, too.   :-)

Besides this sort of sewing, I've also gone back to school, myself! My adjunct job started up and I'm now 2 weeks into my quarter already! Time flies and sometimes it just seems like a whirlwind.

Off to a meeting - dinner meeting, and DH (bless his heart) was satisfied with 2 grilled cheese sandwiches! Easy night for me!! 

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Lucky is the family who has a seamstress or two in the house. Too bad we're not paid for our mending and pillow designing and curtain making, etc.
    You've been a busy, busy lady.
    I love it when a full-course meal isn't expected. Simple & fast is my preference, whenever I can get by with it.

  2. Well you have been busy. Being totally thick though, I have to ask, what is an adjunct job? I don't think we have them here in the UK, at least we didn't when I worked.


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