Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pretties at the Quilt Show

Good friend Kay and I took a little trip north about 20 miles to Circleville, home of the Circleville Pumpkin Show which is pretty famous in these parts. This weekend it's also famous for the Good Time Quilters Guild annual quilt show. For 18 years this very active guild has hosted this show, which generally has some delightful beauties for guests to enjoy. This year was no exception.

Terry's Dressmaker's Quilt; you might recall that I made one of these, too; this was my inspiration!

I will brag on my quilting friend Terry, one of the Frankfort girls I quilt with every other Friday; she entered her Dressmaker's Quilt and received some recognition!

Take a look at her 2nd place ribbon and the Judge's Choice ribbon! Congratulations, Terry! She couldn't even attend the show this weekend because her son was getting married!

I took a few other pictures. This one is by Sheryll, another of the Frankfort girls.

Hey, why don't you just enjoy the rest of the show? You don't need any commentary from me!

I will finish with the most wonderful surprise hanging in the back room of the quilt show. A brown and cream Dear Jane quilt. Stunning. Isn't it grand??

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I enjoyed all the beauties at the show. Thanks for sharing them. Loads of inspiration!

  2. Thanks so much. After my experience yesterday at a quilt show, I am so happy to see lots of beautiful traditional quilts.

  3. Lots of beauties. I've been to the Circleville Quilt Show once but it was many many years ago!


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