Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yet Another Project!

Projects just seem to find their way to my door at times. I do welcome them, too. I mean, after all, what was my plan for retirement?? Quilting!

My friend Terry asked me to commit to a project that will help her out. Later this year - maybe late October - she will lead a mystery quilt class for a retreat she will be attending. She wants to have some very different looks made up to show participants. She has someone making the quilt in reproduction fabrics. I believe she has another one promised, too, possibly a floral or a patriotic. My contribution is to make one using my Kaffe Fassett fabrics. One that would be considered "wild."

I've played around with some fabric groupings - it's a 4-fabric quilt - and have come up with 2 possibilities that I like. Tell me what you think.

This option is a pink, purple and blue combination.

This option is an orange/gold, green and purple combination.

Any opinions from the masses??


  1. Well, you KNEW I would have to stick my nose in didn't you?

    I prefer the second combo, except that I would take out the orange and replace it with either a dark green or a dark purple or even a fairly pale yellow.

    There, that was no help at all was it?

  2. I prefer the second combo as well... I think the polka dots give it a "wilder" look.



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