Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Line-Up

School's back in session, so when I'm not in class (Tuesdays and Thursdays), I need to be grading things or planning things. This takes a serious chunk of time away from working on quilts. However, I do love my little job, and it's only Fall Quarter, so I will get my time back soon enough. If there's one thing we learn as we age, it's that time does indeed fly!

So, when I get a chance to head up to the sewing room, here are my choices. I've shared all of this before, but it seems like I have so many starts going that I need to make a list of them all. Just keeping myself thinking straight, I suppose.

Here's a mystery quilt sample I'm working on for Frankfort friend, Terry. Can't ruin the mystery, so pictures of the quilt can't be shown until after her retreat, so all you get is fabric selection.

 It's an unusual assortment of Westminster Fiber fabrics, which I categorize as Kaffe Fassett fabrics, but I beleive that some of the other WF designers are represented here as well. I've gotten a bit done on it, and believe it or not, I am actually pleased with the colors so far, and the placement decisions I've made. Will work on it a bit today, I hope.

Then, I still need to finish the French General Stars I began mid- to late-August. Oh, I love this fabric and cannot wait to see my quilt top finished!!

The pattern is from Thimbleberries, and it will have a Christmas look to it, I hope. If it does, this one quilt will satisfy 2 of the goals on my list that you see on the right (2011 Goals). Very happy accident!

Then I've got my Ohio State t-shirt quilt to stitch up. Most of the prep work has been done on this, and I could easily have the top together in a day. So I will plan to set aside a day soon for that very purpose. This would satisfy the goals list, too. I am glad to be soon able to cross things off the list!

So, there's plenty to keep me busy. Of course, one additional quilt is on the list:  finish Adam's UFO t-shirt quilt using his high school shirts. (The fact that he turned 29 last month tells you how old this UFO is!) Doing this would also result in being able to cross off one of those 2011 goals.

Now to get "crack-a-lacking!" (Movie reference; my twin nieces watch Madagascar; they say this and it's so cute!)

Recent picture of the twins, now just one month away from their 4th birthday!

Anna Rose and Mary Jean; August 2011

The sweetest, most adorable, smartest little girls in the world - of this I am convinced!! *wink*


  1. I love your Rouenneries stars. I am also doing a version of stars in Rouenneries and I can't wait to see the finished quilt. The only problem is I keep working on other things - lol

  2. Your French General stars look lovely. I have to agree, those little twins look so cute, with their mischievous smiles.


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