Thursday, February 22, 2024


I haven't been blogging too much because all I do is make 9-patch blocks. From scraps. Endless, it seems!

What you see here is 300 blocks, all made with 1.5" scraps in a little tub I brought with me for sewing in Florida. I also brought 2" scraps and 2.5" scraps, but I have taken this entire time (5+ weeks) making these 300 blocks. Those other scraps might just go back to Ohio untouched. I guess I just wanted to be prepared.

I stack 10 blocks and then pin them together. This prevents me from losing count, and from having to repeatedly count and recount.

What do you think of this pale pink background? I am considering using it as my setting blocks for the eventual quilt I'll be making with these 9-patches. You'll see better pictures of it in these next pictures.

I will set the blocks on point and use this pale pink floral for the alternating blocks. I have 4 yards of it, so I think it will do.

On Tuesday, DH and I drove down to Dade City to shop at Quilted Twins. I'd been there twice before, but never felt as though I could spend a long time looking carefully at all the variety - gazillions of bolts in about a dozen rooms, organized by theme or color or design. I went to consider options for a background for these 9-patches, and this pink is my choice. 

I do see the end of the proverbial tunnel on these 1.5" squares and the 9-patches I'm making with them. I can probably make at least 100 more, and then I plan to use whatever remains in some bigger blocks - either 16-patches or 25-patches. Everything left over is a total hodge-podge, so those larger blocks will be just the ticket for using every last one.

I have to tell you what we did yesterday. It quite possibly is the most active day I've had in years. We rode the recumbent bikes to Inverness (5.5 miles), then we played 3 games of shuffleboard, rode bikes home from Inverness (5.5 miles), fixed supper for us and 2 guests, played 2 games of spades with those 2 guests, then walked 3 laps around our block (.8 miles). Whew! I sure slept well last night!

Happy Quilting, Friends! 


  1. I'm sure it gets boring piecing the endless little 9 patches but you are going to haver such a cute quilt when you're finished, happy stitching!

  2. I suggest you read the blog at Quilting Twin - she is doing 9 patches too and had a photo of a quilt with 9 patches. I am impressed with all your 9 patches.

  3. Wow 300! You are really blasting along. I'm up to 58. Lol. Pink is pretty. I'm thinking of just muslin for mine cuz my patches are so busy?!


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