Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Happy Valentine's Day!

Are you a sappy, sentimental Valentine? Or an "I'd rather not bother" sort of person? Over the years, I've run mostly at a comfortable middle of the road celebrant of Valentine's Day. I do not require roses, chocolates or cards (fortunately, since DH is likely not gonna' change his habits this late in the game!), nor do I require wining and dining. 

 I've been thinking about blocks I've made over the years that are Valentine related and I cannot come up with many. The block above is from 2020, and likely was part of a sew-along that I never completed. Heck, I never even completed the block - it must be buried in some orphan bin in the sewing room.

This heart block is also from 2020, and I am pretty certain that the earlier block was from this Blockheads Sew-Along. I really like this heart - the colors are quite appealing. All this time later, I still have a tub of partially finished BH3 blocks and fabrics - I wonder if I will ever force myself back to it?

However you plan to spend your Valentine's Day, I hope you make some time for sewing or quilting! The big sewing activity around here still involves scrappy 9-patches, and I am still enjoying them!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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