Friday, May 18, 2012

Cash and Prizes??

No, just prizes. I never won much of anything before I started reading all these quilting blogs. I don't respond to every giveaway that I see, but some of them seem fun, and the "goodies" are things that I would use or want.

A few weeks back I imagine a lot of you saw the 100 Blocks Blog Tour sponsored by Quiltmaker magazine's blog Quilty Pleasures. To promote their latest edition of 100 Blocks, they were doing lots of giveaways on lots of blogs. I didn't get around to it on all the days, but I browsed a few blogs and entered to win some stuff.

Lo! and behold! My # was drawn! Day 3 was my lucky day!

So, you want me to quit blabbing and show you my stuff, right? The handsome man in the brown truck came this afternoon, and I am so excited to show you!

This little tin box is just as sweet as can be. Inside? Fabric!!

Ooohs and aaahhs!

These are from Jinny Beyer's new Christmas line of fabrics called The Jinny Beyer's Christmas. Very rich colors. Won't they make a nice holiday project? They are quarter-yard cuts, so pillows or table runners, or something of the sort will likely be the go-to project I choose.

And in the bottom of the box, a plethora of patterns!

This looks totally fun. Would love to do this one - maybe soon! I'd do it in red and white, too, just like the picture. Then maybe I'd try it in blue, yellow, black, brown...

This looks fun and fast. I hope it calls for 2.5" strips; then it will be even faster! I guess I could look to see if it due time, in due time...

What a bright, cheerful quilt this is! I can see this made totally scrappy, and Lord know, I've got  scraps!

This pattern relies on 3 of my favorite blocks: 4-patch, 9-patch, and hour-glass. I see another scrappy quilt in this design.

And the magazine that made it all possible - 100 Blocks, The Orange Issue. A lot of the bloggers I follow are featured in this issue, and I know I will enjoy seeing them. I am saving it for relaxing later this evening.

Like I said at the top, I never won much of anything before I began following the quilt blogging world. But thanks to the generosity of these bloggers, I have had my name drawn now 2 or 3 times. Such fun. Giveaways draw a lot of traffic to a blog, so it sounds like a win-win to me.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I was another super lucky winner that day! Don't you adore that tin! I got a couple of different Amanda Murphy patterns and stuff. I do LOVE this magazine hop, it's the best.

  2. Congratulations, those look like fun patterns,

  3. What a great prize. The tin is great, and I love the fabrics.


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