Thursday, May 17, 2012

To-Do List: Item 3

Yesterday I mentioned that even though I attended Friday's get-together with the Frankfort girls, I was originally scheduled elsewhere. Well, let me tell you all about the trip that almost was.

My CHS quilter friends (we all taught together and are now all retired) have made a regular habit of traveling to Ohio's Amish Country the first weekend of May for Mrs. Miller's Dry Good's anniversary sale. The pretty little village of Charm, OH, is the setting for Mrs. Miller's, and the store is in it's 47th year now. Impressive, huh?

Four of us were committed to going; we had our travel plans all arranged, and then on Wednesday, things began to unravel for me. Plans for DD to come home from college were going awry. Plans for DS to get to his work site were becoming problematic. The long and the short of it boils down to this: mom's taxi service was needed, and the trip to Charm with four of my dearest friends had to be cancelled. Oh, what a tough decision to make!! Actually, I put off telling them until after midnight Thursday night! I guess I was hoping some divine answer to the traveling issues would drop out of heaven. Didn't happen, though, and I missed out on a wonderful day.  *boo-hoo*

I texted them as they would have been driving north and asked that they take pictures and record essential details for me. The pics here are courtesy of Kay who took these with her cellphone.

The first stop is the Pearl Valley cheese factory. They sell the most delicious cheese here in just about any variety you would ever want. Those dear girls bought me a package of lacy swiss, bless them. It was soooo good. We always bring along coolers to keep our cheese purchases chilled, and we have been known to fill the coolers. I think it's safe to say they probably did again on this trip.

We always have lunch at a remote and peaceful place called The Inn at Honey Run. Oh my. I don't know if there is any place on earth that is more serene than this. We have always had good food here, the surroundings are just gorgeous, and as we leave, we are always so, so relaxed and satisfied. Sharon suggests that we consider going up the day before next year, taking our machines or hand work, staying in the inn and stitching together. I think I like the idea!

 The Inn is in a wooded setting, with gorgeous wildflowers growing right beside the walk ways and parking areas.

A wonderful as the Inn at Honey Run is, the main attraction, of course, is Miller's Dry Goods. Like Pavlov's dog, I salivate, just thinking about it!!

The building in the foreground has a row of benches and chairs on the porch. I have enjoyed a few moments there while waiting for the others to finish their shopping.  The next building is THE building  -  where the quilt fabric is located. It has a basement with bargain and sale items, and in which I have had much success finding excellent fabrics at delightfully reduced prices.

Now, let me show you what Sharon bought. Since I didn't get to go, I will live vicariously through her purchases!! lol

Aren't they wonderful? I zeroed in on one of these from the moment I laid eyes on it.

I love, love, love this floral.

Sharon admits she might have gone just a bit overboard, but with options like these, who wouldn't have? I surely would have been right in the thick of it all, buying many of these same pieces. (We do have similar tastes, you know.)

Next year, I am determined not to miss this fun event. I am still sad to have missed it. However, on the bright side, I did have a wonderful weekend visit from Emma, we did manage to get our family dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and I saved a lot of money, too. *grin* The eternal optimist, that's me.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. It's sad that you couldn't go, but think of the money you saved that you can spend next time!


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