Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friday Group at My House

It was my turn to play hostess to the Frankfort Girls on Friday morning. I tried a new coffee cake recipe - one that called for sour cream, egg whites and chocolate chips.

The recipe made a huge cake - 9x13" cake pan. No problems with making it; whipping the egg whites was different (for me), but do-able.

With coffee, not too bad. I am not raving about this recipe, however, as I am not a fan of chocolate with my coffee cake! All that chocolate made this incredibly rich. I thought the recipe sounded interesting, and I am glad to have tried it, but it won't be one of my go-to coffee cakes.

So, what did we work on? Lots of things to show today, so let's get started.

Sheryll is so ambitious! She does so many applique projects in all forms - table runners, mats, wall hangings, etc. This is her current project, and we all hinted that she could make one for us, too! Here's the pattern.

I have not ventured into the world of wool which is becoming increasingly popular by the number of patterns and samples I see at quilt shows and in magazines. This is really pretty, don't you think?

This table mat is one that Sheryll recently finished and brought along today to show to us. Sweet! This is made of felted wool, while the previous one uses wool. I don't know the difference, but either way, they look mighty nice.

Moving around the kitchen table, we arrive at Terry's ongoing embroidery project. She exclaims that she is "getting so sick of this project!" Well, push on, Terry, you'll get it finished one of these days.

I believe I have shown different parts of this project in previous posts. It is a block of the month sampler. The blocks are small, and I am sure the progress seems so slow. I feel for ya, Terry!

I was next at the table, but we will skip me and move over to JoAnn. She was quilting a wall-hanging.

JoAnn also had two recent finishes - or semi-finishes - to show us.

This quilt top is a recent pattern purchase she made - I believe at the Cincinnati show we attended last month. She was eager to do a quilt with cheddar yellow in it. Didn't this turn out nicely? So simple, yet so eye-catching.

She is modeling here for us the new slouchy bag she made for her trip to England. (She's there now!) This pattern was also purchased in Cincinnati, if memory serves me, and she intends to use this on day trips while she's touring. I may have to borrow this pattern. I think I want one for myself, and I'm thinking both my girls would like one, too. ;-)

Sharon brought along a cross-stitch project today.

This is going to be a stocking for one of Sharon's grandchildren. She's had several (grandchildren) in very quick succession, so I imagine she has a bit of catching up to do - especially if each grandchild is getting one of these stockings!

Now, what was I doing? I mentioned in the 'minutes' of our previous group meeting that I had brought out another Schnibble for hand-quilting. Here is Darcy. I love it. And I love quilting it!

I made this almost exactly 2 years ago. Click here, if you are interested in those details.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love mostly everything from Primitive Gatherings and this is no exception! And that slouchy bag - wonderful. I would have loved to have one like that on my last trip. blessings, marlene

  2. Wow! that coffee cake looks amazing and I love chocolate with my coffee in the morning. Could you get me the recipe? And with all your quilting time, friends and adventures, I want to be you when I grow up.

  3. There's some wonderful work going on, and Darcy is going to look just fabulous.


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