Friday, May 25, 2012

DH Retires!

Today I sent DH off for his last day of school. Yep. He's retiring after 35 years. Let the celebrating ensue!!

A tradition for the teachers at his school is a year-end golf outing, so he will be late coming home this evening, but no biggie - we have all summer and beyond to begin our retired life together.

He is a special ed teacher, so he didn't have the file drawers full of stuff that yours truly, an English teacher, had. He's not been bringing much home. But I just had to show you a couple of things he DID bring home.

Now I know why we could never find any umbrellas around the house or in the cars. These FOUR were in his room!

He also brought this very flat, very faded pillow. I don't even remember it, let alone remember making it. He must have had it for an extremely long time. I think he used it for a seat cushion for awhile, then he got a padded desk chair and it's just been haning out in his room ever since. The 3 buttons on the other end are all missing, so I think I will replace those and use it! A well-worn pillow works for us!

Happy Retirement, Sweetheart! Hope we don't drive each other crazy!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Happy retirement to your DH. I hope there aren't too many days in your future when you will need the umbrellas.


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