Tuesday, May 15, 2012

To-Do List: Item 1

Are you a list person? I am a list person. My husband is a list person. Many of my friends and family are list people. Mine are not so elaborate as others, but I think mine work well enough for me. I am so behind in my blogging that my post-to-do-list is quite long. I'm determined to get all caught up this week.

First: Sewing with Sharon.

We have had two days together which I have not chronicled. Mostly we just celebrate the fact that we get something sewn at least once each week! (Such lofty goals, right?) Often we get too sidetracked with other activities and responsibilities, and our sewing and quilting is pushed to the back burner. By having a specific day set aside for sewing together, we ensure that we at least sew a little bit each week.

I showed you this fabric from a sale at our LQS a few weeks ago. That Jelly Roll is the subject at hand. The same day I bought this, Sharon bought one, too. She is actually doing something with hers. I know! I need to heed her example!

She had been working on that Bursting Star quilt (note triangle paper), but was so eager to use this French General Jelly Roll that she just unrolled it and began one of those "race quilts" that you surely have seen or heard about.

And off she goes!

I am so excited to see how it turns out!

While Sharon worked on racing, I worked on trimming. Gahh! What a lot of work to get uniform blocks! These are the signature blocks from my mother's 75th birthday bash last October. I have slowly (and not very steadily) been working on it, and need to get into a higher gear to get it done.

I have the trimming finished and have been putting rows together. This should be quicker work now that the grunt work is out of the way!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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