Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Finish for Sharon!

An 8-year UFO, or thereabouts, has been completed! Work on the Tumbling Blocks king size quilt top has finally ended. Sharon even put the borders on! This is one incredible quilt. The size as well as the pattern make it truly unique.

It is HUGE! Even for a king size quilt, it is huge. This big guy measures out at 104" x 144". I think that is long enough for 2 beds! It weighs a ton, too. It has left us both wondering if the store clerk calculated something wrong, you know?

In this picture, it is folded in 4ths, length-wise, and we have to take it down the hallway in order to have enough space to lay it out flat. (It's wrong side out, by the way.)

Why would a quilt need to be so big? This is definitely puzzling me.

Well, whatever, the entire quilt top is pieced and the borders are attached. I don't know what plans are being made for having it quilted.

The quilt was originally Amanda's project - Sharon's daughter. But she is so busy with her job and raising her family, that Sharon took on the task of getting it finished. 

While Sharon was over on Monday, we also took a look at the backing fabrics she bought at the recent sale at Ben Franklin. These are totally scrumptious!

These 7 fabrics will be wonderful backs. I believe Sharon has tops made for all of these, with the exception of the deep green floral in the first picture. This fabric was just too appealing to pass on, so Sharon grabbed it up. She did quite well with her shopping, as this was a Super Bowl Sunday sale, and fabrics were 30% off. Nice, huh??!!

I continue to work on my Le Petite Ecole kit from Bits 'N Pieces. It is fun to work on, but I just seem to be so busy, my time for sewing is limited. I hope to correct that over the next few days, if I can.

I have 22 blocks completed, and have about that many more in the queue.

 The work is ready for me, whenever I find the time!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. That HUGE Tumbling Blocks quilt leaves me speechless! All of those tiny blocks... quilting... oh my...

    Loving your blocks!

  2. Tumbling Blocks is an incredible quilt------a work of art. I can't imagine working on something that large on a home sewing machine.

  3. Incredible size. Can't believe she finished it. And even put a border on! definitely time to celbrate


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