Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Big doings in America today, folks, as in some way or another we all get into the Super Bowl spirit.

For quilters who don't really follow it or care at all, our local Ben Franklin always holds a sale on this day. Big discounts on regular fabrics and bigger discounts on Christmas fabrics. Then there is also double yardage on the 50-Yard Club. Do you know what that is? The girls there keep an index card on every customer with the yardage bought over time. When a customer gets to 50 yards, she is rewarded with a discount on the next purchase - 10%, I think. So on Super Bowl Sunday, you get credit for double yardage. So if I were to go there today and buy 10 yards of fabric, they would write down that I bought 20 yards. Nice deal, eh?

For quilters who do have an interest in the football game, like me, there is the making of snack foods, and a project that is football-watching-friendly. I have a binding to stitch, so I will work on that.

In the kitchen I plan to make a big batch of black bean salsa, a pot of potato soup, and a cake or some sort of dessert. Not sure on that just yet.

DD Erin and her boyfriend Jeff are visiting this weekend. Erin was promised a quilt at Christmas time, so we visited the new sewing room to peruse the Kaffe Fassett books. She listed several that she liked, but tossed that list when she saw Hot Diamonds. I will have to get the title of the book, but the minute she saw it she knew that was the one she wanted. The next step was to pull the fabrics.

The fun part, right?? I love going through my Kaffe tubs. All these fabrics just invite stroking. Erin had a couple of years of art training, so she has a good eye for selecting colors.

Wouldn't you have liked being here with us for this wonderful birth of a quilt??

Here are the winners, in the order she wants them used. I took this pic, along with several closeups so we don't lose the order. When we put them away, we put them in order, as well, and again, I took another picture. We are not going to make any goofs with the order here. Hopefully!

When Erin comes, her cat Rocky also comes. he loves roaming our big house after being cooped up in a 3-room apartment for a month. He is quite a character, and we love his little kitty personality.

When I say Rocky explores every bit of available space in our house, I am not kidding. Even open fabric drawers are fair game. Can you tell he is enjoying the fabric as much as we were??

Happy Quilting, Friends! Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

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  1. I cannot imagine living anywhere but England, BUT, I did so love visiting Ben Franklin, Joanne's and all the other wonderful outlets you have for quilt supplies.

    You and Erin have pulled a gorgeous selection for her quilt.


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