Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Quilt Kit Project

On Thursday when Sharon was here for sewing, I pulled out one of the items on my 2013 quilt goals list. I bought the kit at a quilt show perhaps 2 years ago. In the process of moving the sewing room, I began studying this quilt and decided that it looked really easy and would make up fast.

Since Miss Bernina is still in the fixit shop, I am cutting and NOT sewing, but that will come in time. I trust she is in good hands. This quilt will be ready to hit the machine when she's back in action.

I cut 6 of the 12 fabrics following these instructions. Do you see the problem? The measurements add up to more than 22"x18". Hmmm. Drat. What to do?

Contact the shop and hope for a workable resolution. I did that through an email to them explaining my predicament and asked if there'd been any corrections posted in the intervening months/years since I bought this kit.

 Within a day, the friendly folks at Bits 'n Pieces responded with a solution to my dilemma! I was not expecting this to be as easy as this was turning out! They said yes, there had been a correction, and that for a time it was posted on their website. They asked how much fabric I'd used, as they had put some back for this very situation. Now am I a lucky gal, or what? They sent a PDF attachment of the correction, and it all makes sense now.

Here are the pieces I cut. I love this line! I am frankly surprised it took me so long to get this going. The fabrics are just luscious!

More lusciousness...Le Petite Ecole by French General.  These are the pieces that I did not cut. I am so glad that I paid attention to the directions as I was cutting. Lots of times I just charge right into cutting a project with little or no regard for the number of pieces or the sizes of everything.

Here is the layout of the block. You can see that I did not waste much in trimming, and the pencil and paper there is proof that I was checking my math! Yikes! Not a fun thing for a former English teacher!

So I am getting back to the folks at Bits ' Pieces. Hopefully I can get the exact pieces I have already cut. It will be a fun quilt to work on, too; I am looking forward to getting to sew it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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