Friday, February 15, 2013

A Visit to LQS

A recent visit to my local quilt shop (LQS) was quite fun, and I didn't spend a dime, either. After quilting with the Frankfort girls last Friday, Sheryll and I went to Old Town Fabric Shop to look for fabrics she could use in a snowball quilt she had planned. I wrote about that project here.

My intention was to take my birthday gift certificate with me and splurge on some pretty stuff, but I left the certificate hanging on the front of my fridge, doggonit! Plan B: look and look and shop and shop. If I happened to find a fabric I was crazy about, I would think on it over the weekend, and go back with my certificate and get it another day. And I did find a fabric that met the criteria. It's red with white flowers; I haven't gone back in to get it, but I have thought about it all week and I do think I will. I really want it.

So, while visiting with the ladies at the shop, I got to take a sneak peek at a beautiful quilt they are getting ready to display. I got permission to take pictures. You'll be upset with me for not having details on the pattern.

Simple half-square triangles - broken dishes blocks, perhaps? I think the fabrics are all recent lines by Barbara Brackman. I wish I had attempted to take a full-quilt shot, but I didn't want to trouble the gals. It is quite large, and will be absolutely stunning when it is quilted and displayed. I must remember to get a picture. I am sure this quilt has a name, and a pattern, but that too will have to come later, as I didn't write it down. Counting on me to remember it is a big mistake.

I tell you, my list for 2013 is long enough! But when I see gorgeousness like this, it tempts me to add another item to that list. I have quite a lot of Brackman fabrics, so I think I could replicate this rather handily. And just think of the stash-busting that would occur!

I'm talking myself into it, aren't I? *grin*

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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