Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Accidents

I've stored up a lot of memories from my years as a high school English teacher. One popped into my head just as I wrote that title - Happy Accidents. A literary term, oxymoron, is defined as an expression that joins two opposite things to make a point. To make it easy for students to understand, I would use "happy accident" and 'jumbo shrimp" as examples. There is an entire soliloquy of these in Romeo and Juliet that with the deeper application, is called paradox, yet another literary term.

But we aren't here to re-live my years as an English teacher. We are here to talk all things quilt-related. And that takes me to my happy accident.

Yesterday while Sharon was here to sew, I was cutting out a project (machine is still in the shop). And you know how conversations go, weaving from one subject to another with no particular direction in mind. Just conversing the way friends do. Well somewhere along the line, something led me to pull out a Thimbleberries book, which led to Sharon saying that this one particular quilt is one she has always planned to make. That led me to taking a closer look and considering it for one of the unnamed quilts on my 2013 goals list, which led me to go to the closet to drag out the tub with the yellow-blue-gray fabrics I'd pulled. (Are you with me??)

 In that tub was this fat quarter bundle from a couple of years ago. It's all blues from Jo Morton and Andover Fabrics.

Get ready for the happy accident here...As I turned the bundle over and studied all the pieces, look at what jumped out at me!!

This is the fabric I was desperate for late last year. Click here to read all about it. It is technically black, but it has such an interesting hue to it that it works just fine in that navy/indigo blue FQ pack.

I was elated!! *happy dance*

(Happy dances are much easier to do now that my sciatic pain is 95% eliminated.) *more happy dancing*

With this FQ pack and a yard of a really pretty yellow, I think I might have a quilt decision made. And with this "happy accident" I now can more easily look for additional yardage of this wonderful black.

I just had a call from Kelly at the quilt shop who has been trying to fix my Bernina. It looks like my old girl is going to have to take a little trip to the factory. The feed dog troubles are a bit more involved than Kelly has been trained for (my machine is quite old; Kelly's training has been on the newer models.)

I am going to get a lot of projects cut out for the eventual return of Miss Bernina, aren't I?

Hmmm...Could this, then, be another Happy Accident??

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Those fabrics will make a fabulous "Happy Accident" quilt.

  2. What a great opportunity to cut out lots of fabrics. By the time your machine is returned you will just wanna sew all day, so will need lots projects! I love the colour of this navy and the quilts in the book.


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