Monday, February 4, 2013

I Broke Down

I told you in the last post about the big sale on Super Bowl Sunday at our local Ben Franklin store. Regular fabric was 30% off while Christmas fabric was 70% off. I went in about 5:30 (under the guise of needing milk) and the clerks were doing an impromptu tally of sales for the day; they were nearing $1000. They were pleased with that. Our town is small, and I would consider that a successful day, indeed!

Anyway, I broke down, as I allude to in my title. Broke down and bought fabric, that is. I bought two, actually, and I feel certain that they were necessary additions to the stash.

Emma's t-shirt quilt backing; it is 58"-wide flannel.

Emma's flannel backing with a strip of flannel sashing.

 I recalled that DD Emma and I were there early in January and she selected a backing for her t-shirt quilt. So I got it, and I also picked up a neutral just for the heck of it. A quilter always needs neutral yardage, right?

The neutral I chose. Over 3 yards; I just took all they had; it was a flat fold.

Also, in the previous post I mentioned that DD Erin and I pulled fabrics for a Kaffe Fassett quilt called Hot Diamonds. It is from this book:

I will not be using those templates to make this quilt. I have already studied the directions, and I will sew strips together and use the 60-degree angle on my cutting ruler to get the diamond shapes. Should make faster work of things, I would imagine.

Sharon is coming today for sewing; I heard from the Ben Franklin clerk that she made quite a large purchase, so I hope to hear all about that when she gets here.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Love that pink check flannel, perfect for a back. Will have to keep my eyes open for some.

  2. At that price I'd have broken down too :} Love that neutral.


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