Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Taking a Back Seat

Some of my regular readers will be wondering where I've been lately, and what I've been up to. Well, my fall semester stint at OU-C begins today, and I have been focusing on getting my syllabi prepared! I think you all know the world-class procrastinator I am, so it won't surprise you to learn that I've put these off until the 11th hour.

It's an affliction I'm apparently going to have to accept. If after 35 years in the classroom, I haven't figured it out then I hold out little hope that I ever will.

So once things get adjusted to the new normal of class and papers and such, I must put my quilting aside. *sniff!*

I will show you what is waiting in the wings for my attention when the school year settles down. One of the items on the Ten Things list is about to be checked off. This quilt is the wedding gift quilt. My friend Terry quilted it for me, and now I need to finish it off by getting the binding on.

The mother of the bride (MOB), Cheryl, came over several weeks ago and from the quilt tops I thought the bride might like, MOB selected this one. I made it from a kit back earlier this year with French General fabrics. You can read about it here.

And, I have to also let you know that today my oldest turns 31! YIKES!! How on earth does that happen?? Yes, we just had DD2's birthday on the 17th, and now on the 27th, we have DS's. They are 10 years and 10 days apart in age. I will be in class all afternoon and evening, so the celebrating will wait until tomorrow.

Hang tight, quilter friends. I shall return.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Like you, I am a retired high school English teacher. As much as I loved that job, I cannot imagine going back to the demands of planning and endless papers. I truly hope your classroom is filled with the kind of students who make teaching fun!

  2. You do have a lot on your plate with an extra measure of celebrations. My youngest boys turn 30 this year. Yikes... how does that happen so fast? Your binding will be a nice diversion from homework when the time comes. It is a beautiful quilt. It looks like one to cuddle with!

  3. Hah! Wait till they are both turned 40, and ask me how that feels. It seems it was only a few months ago that I was celebrating my 40th.

    Look forward to seeing you when ever you have time.

  4. I'm a middle school English and History teacher too, working four days a week, with three young kids too. This is why I have not started blogging, am about two weeks behind in reading my favourite blogs, and sew when I grab a free hour every couple of weeks! I can't believe my eldest is 10! Where did that decade go?


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