Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quilt Camp Progress Report #4

The final day of quilt camp brought us the following progress.

Pat has continued to add borders to her Ohio State quilt. I thought the picture I shared yesterday was the finish, but this one from today shows additions, and she says there are still more to go on. It will eventually finish as a twin-size quilt.

Ohio State quilts were a theme this week as Jan worked on her own OSU project. These many stack and whack blocks will end up being quite a wonderful creation.

Betty moved on to another Halloween project. This table runner was a gift from a friend, and looks like it will be a very pretty finish.

I will show you my growing work shirt quilt, even though I didn't really get a bunch more done on it. I have been "niggling" about the 2nd work shirt quilt that I will be making, so some of my day was spent experimenting with options, which I plan to share in some future posts.

So that's a wrap on this year's quilt camp. I will throw out some additional related things concerning our week, but I will get to that in a day or two.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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