Monday, June 29, 2015

A Final Look at Quilt Camp

You've seen the variety of projects we worked on last week, but there were some other activities that I think you'll find interesting.

A new camper, Jan, is a woman with many talents, and she never does anything but what she puts 110% into it. I have shared her expertise in the world of Lucy Boston blocks and English Paper Piecing after our Canter's Cave retreat last April. Click here to refresh your memory. Well, she shared more at quilt camp. Take a look at this incredible display.

She will be doing a demo on EPP at an upcoming guild meeting, so this tri-fold board full of info and all the additional materials to go with it were quite a hit with campers. She converted a few more folks to the EPP world, and I have to confess that I made my first little practice piece on Saturday.

Jan also had a very cool caddy at her sewing station. She made it of sock monkey fabric, and it is chock-full of all the quilting necessities.

Here is Jan, having a bit of a problem with her water - she didn't drink off a bit before pouring in her Crystal Lite packet, and as a result had a small eruption.

Silliness wasn't limited to Jan, though. Here's Anita striking a pose on the chaise lounge under a grand quilt.

We had a seriously hot day on Wednesday, and  even in the a/c we were sweating. Sharon discovered that she forgot to bring a band to pull her hair back in a ponytail. Never fear! A quilter can improvise! A strip of fabric works in a pinch.

All fun aside, we did have a productive week, and most of us spent a few (or more) dollars downstairs in the quilt shop. Here are the purchases I made.

Seven fabrics - all half-yards. I have very few purples and pinks in my stash, so I think I have filled in some gaps with these. Then, in keeping with that EPP opening, I will show you that I succumbed to the pressure. I bought a glue stick and refill for prepping EPP templates. *sigh*

It's a new week, quilters! I am hosting a brunch at 10am for an friend from way back in my early teaching days. Dee and I began our careers at CHS together in the fall of 1979, and even though she left CHS after a few years, we have tried to stay in touch across the miles. Sharon will be joining us for a brunch of quiche, muffins and strawberries. I must get busy in the kitchen!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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