Thursday, September 7, 2017

I'm Excited!

Today is a much-anticipated day! I am taking not one, not two, but THREE baby quilts to Mendelbrights in Cynthiana to quilt on Rita's long-arm machine. I have had the task of quilting these quilts on lists since the beginning of the year, yet I was forever "kicking that can down the road" as I really feel quite inadequate with quilting on my small domestic machines.

When I found out that I could rent time on a long arm, I was intrigued, but it still took me several months to finally bite the bullet and do it! (Such a procrastinator!)

You've read about Mendelbrights in two earlier posts - my initial visit and then my maiden voyage, as it were.

Today, I will be tackling the baby quilt for Adam and Jenna, whose son Wyatt was born in January, I believe.

It's an OSU Buckeye quilt that will have a soft flannel backing. The whole family is crazy for all things Ohio State. I'm sure they are raising their boys to be fans, as well. *wink*

The next quilt will be for Alison and Paul, whose son Parker was born in March, if memory serves.

I am hoping this doesn't look too feminine for a baby boy. I made a quilt for this family when their first child, a girl Jackie, was born, and I used all the leftovers to make this. Even that gray polka dot backing is leftover. Perhaps the novelty of having two quilts connected in this way will take away from the possibility of its being girlie.

And finally, I am quilting for Erin and John, whose son Robert was born just last month. I made this quilt top awhile ago before Robert was ever expected, and since I know this family has a penchant for diving, this water-themed quilt using Neptune fabrics seemed fitting. Made in the well-known "jelly-roll race" method, I had a matching pack of charm squares which I used as a border.

Quilting three quilts in one day - to say this is exciting is to put it mildly. I am ecstatic!

All of these new little families go way back with ours. Adam and Alison are the son and daughter of our long-time friends Harold and Judy; Erin is the daughter of equally long-time friends Bob and Vickie. Our three families have celebrated New Years since the early 1990s. Our children and theirs grew up together, attended school together, attended the same church, all one big extended family, so to speak.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. How exciting you can rent the long arm! I would love to try that but there aren't any available that I know of in my area. Enjoy your time creating and finishing up some projects.

  2. Adorable! They will be lovely when done. And kudos to making memories with the nieces!!!


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