Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jelly Roll Day!!

After hyping the event beyond limits, Moda's big day is finally here - National Sew A Jelly Roll Day. In some promotions, I've also seen it called International. Anyway you look at it, it's a big deal.

For the benefit of non-quilters, let me explain about jelly rolls. A jelly roll is a collection of 2.5" fabric strips all from a single fabric line, usually 42, I believe. The strips are layered in such a way as to be able to roll them up and tie them with ribbon. When Moda first started marketing these, I was firmly of the belief that it would never catch on, and I would never, ever have any use for fabric already cut. Well, I have changed my tune. Take a look at my little collection of jelly rolls.

I stack them on a display platter on top of a dresser here in my sewing room so I can see them. I take them occasionally to the cutting table in the event that I might use them in some project or other. Generally, I return them to the display platter. I did recently cut into one (Polka Dots and Paisley) for the Minick and Simpson medallion quilt I am making. In other words, I do use them; I don't just hoard them!

I have one Jelly roll from the following lines: from 3Sisters: Paris Flea Market, Vin du Jour, and Luna Notte; from French General: Rouenneries Deux, Madame Rouge, La Petite Ecole, and Rural Jardin; from Minick and Simpson: Indigo Crossing; from Corie Yoder: Lulu Lane.

That makes 9 unopened jelly rolls. On Tuesday when Sharon comes to sew, that will change as we have decided to do our own little jelly roll celebration together. It will be fun. We tossed around possibilities. We have both made the simple jelly roll race quilt, and we are going to change it up just a bit. I will share more after we do it.

Many shops across the country, and around the world, too, are sponsoring special activities today. I know that our local Old Town Fabrics was participating, and I inquired about their plans. I opted not to attend, as we have plans later today, but one interesting thing they were doing was offering a prize for the oldest unopened jelly roll. Now, I don't think I would have won, as like I said earlier, in the beginning I wouldn't buy them because I thought it was dumb to buy already-cut-up-fabric. However, now that I do own a few, I would love to know how long I've had them. 

I just found this link to some jelly roll fact; I thought you might find them interesting. I sure did.
Have a great Saturday!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I have a bunch of unopened jelly rolls too but I do have plans for them. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the the rolls. Happy stitching with your friend!


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