Saturday, September 2, 2017

Playing With a Full Deck

My "full deck" is my full-to-bursting sewing room closet where I have hanging all my quilt tops that are in need of quilting. Curious as to just exactly how many I had accumulated, I made the count, and the magic number is 52. Whaaaat? If I'd dared to estimate, I would have sworn that there couldn't have been more than 30.

I'd better win the lottery if I'm going to have all these tops quilted, as it will cost me a small fortune. Some of these are quite large, some are small-ish, but most fall into the range of full or queen size. A handful of them are hanging with the backing on the same hanger which makes me sound ultra-organized, but no, do not ever accuse me of being organized! I did this so that I wouldn't forget that I had the backing and use it for something else.

The closet has gotten so full that I have 5 quilt tops hanging outside the closet on the sewing room door.

Three of these are baby quilts and have a date at Mendelbrights next Thursday for long-arm quilting. I am looking forward to that! (See item #1 on the to-do list in the last post.) Swoon and Elizabeth are probably headed to the closet to make that door look a little more presentable. If I can squeeze them in, that is.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. 50! Wow!! I've just quilted a big (for me) quilt and I did it in two halfs and then joined them and I'm definitely going to try that again as it was so much easier. I think I will continue to tweak my joining method when I do my next one. I know I've got to quilt whatever I make so I'm always trying something new! One day I'd be keen to tryout a long arm just like you :)


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