Friday, September 1, 2017

Hello, September

Well, gee whiz. Here we find ourselves greeting the 9th month of 2017 - I swear it was just no time ago that we rang in the new year, true?

The picture above is one I took on a recent walk on the Greenfield bike path. We looked up the name of that pretty purple wildflower - Blue Lobelia (lobelia siphilitica). This is one of many varieties of lobelia; this one is noted for being a late summer bloomer.

I have created a collage to wrap up some of the highlights of August, and I have made my list for September. First, the August collage.

The Sunbonnet Sue quilt and the T-Shirt quilt were commissions that I finished and delivered. The center picture in the top row represents the longarm quilting I dabbled in when completing the t-shirt quilt. That day was possibly a highlight of the year, so far. Then I included the fantastic concert we went to at Riverbend - we saw Foreigner, Cheap Trick and Led Zeppelin Experience. In the second row, I've got a few of the stars made for our block swap, a picture taken during the eclipse, and our Frienzies party for the month. We went to Susan's where we painted sunflowers and swam. Love those girls, and I love that we make a real effort to get together every month. The last two pictures are UFO-related. The hexie table-topper is my August UFO, completed, and finally, the unfinished June UFO, still trying to become a medallion quilt.

From the accomplishments (or near-accomplishments, as it were) of August, let's move to the goals for September. Without the pressures of commissions, I ought to be able to get most of these done.

Items 1-10 are going to be all the fun stuff; that daggone item 11 is the one that will give me grief. I am such a clutter-bug; I have no trouble at all with working in clutter, and stepping around and over things. Two little piles can be plopped into one big pile, just as easy as can be, and then more piles added to that. I've always been this way. It has gotten to a point, however, that even I am finding it to be difficult to work efficiently. So I have taken one space - the desk area on my left as I sit here at the laptop, and I have tidied it up. I've put much of it in the trash (yay!), and I've put quite a lot in a more suitable place. For example, I had random spools of thread that just needed to be put on the shelf behind me. I had all manner of notepads and sticky notes; they are now contained in a basket dedicated only to note paper. I do expect it will take me a whole month to make any headway on this project, but one bit at a time will be my plan of attack.



September is off to a good start, and I sure hope I can see most of those list items checked off come month's end. I hope your month is a productive one, too!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love seeing others' work spaces. I realize that I'm not alone when it comes to desk messes. It looks like you have a lot of goals for September. Best wishes for achieving them all!

  2. Good luck to your September goals! I fear making monthly lists because I almost always jinx myself and end up doing none of it!


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