Monday, January 15, 2018

An Unearthed Treasure

Gracious! The things one can find in her sewing room! I have been digging around, sorting and straightening, and in the process, I found one of Grandma's projects that I did not know I had.

Several years before she died, I spent a few days helping her clean out her sewing things. She had a little bedroom where it was all stored, and I'd helped her over the years to organize and condense it. Grandma was a super-organized lady, and I was merely the laborer in getting the job done. I wrote about bringing home the stuff from under the guest bed, and later about the stuff from her closet.

Well, in one of those boxes that was all embroidery, I really hadn't sifted through it very thoroughly. For whatever reason last week, I found myself opening a box and I discovered a little treasure.

Very neatly wrapped in a protective plastic bag, I found all the parts necessary for a Flower of the Month embroidered quilt. I will let the pictures tell the story. Some months are completed, one is partially finished, and four are untouched.

This is the partially finished block. I am concerned about the way the transfer ink has bled and faded. All the remaining blocks have been transferred to the fabric and the ink is in the same shape. I could use some advice on whether or not this will be easily washed out, or if I should redo these remaining blocks.

Yes, I am considering finishing this. In case I finish the EPP project Lake Effect, I have this needlework waiting on standby.

The patterns are all here, neatly organized in the envelop in which they came. Not being too familiar with embroidery patterns, I am assuming I could reapply the patterns and get a transfer that isn't so smeared. Again, any advice more experienced embroidery stitchers have is totally welcome.

A bonus find in amongst these items is this list of colors that Grandma had written. It tickles me so to see evidence of her neat and orderly activity. She totally had her act together!

Today is my birthday! Google reminded me when I logged on earlier - isn't that scary when your computer is sending you birthday greetings?? I saved the image.

I called Mom yesterday to ask her what she was doing 61 years ago at 5pm on January 14. She said she was just getting off work! I had no idea she worked right up until the day I was born. She said it was so very cold, and Dad had trouble keeping the pipes from freezing - barns and house. Of course, those were the days when women had week-long hospital stays after giving birth, so Dad was left to do everything. I imagine that both sets of parents offered assistance, as they all lived relatively close. It was interesting to hear about it; I 'd never thought to ask before.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. What a beautiful Quilt to find! And Happy Birthday!🎂

  2. Happy Birthday ! My mother told me she was listening to the World Series while in labour with me. I was born close to midnight, so it must have kept her mind occupied during the final hours.

  3. What a lovely find! I embroider but those patterns are older than my expertise. Hopefully someone will have an idea what to do.

  4. Happy birthday, Jayne! Sorry, no advice on the bleeding pattern. It's supposed to be washable, but I don't know if there's a time limit.

    I'm interested to see how you finish these blocks. I have a set of embroidered state flowers from my grandma that I need to finish into a quilt. but I am undecided as to how.

  5. A Treasure Indeed! How bless you are to have inherited your Grandma's needlework projects and stash!
    Have you finished this yet? If not, I think this transfer set has been posted/shared online somewhere as a vintage freebie, I'll have to double check and let you know if you like. There are a few ways you could use for transferring the design if you will be redoing it.
    I believe the smeared ink should fade gradually, but also once I was able to remove old stains and even the transfer ink disappeared, when I soaked them for 2 or 3 days in water with Biz powder detergent booster (it is enzyme-based).
    This will be a Beautiful quilt once finished, and with such heartwarming memories attached to it!


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