Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!!

Did you celebrate the new year last night? We spent New Year's Eve with two couples that we've celebrated with for about 24 years now. Those two couple have been celebrating New Year's for even longer - over 30 years. We had a spirited game of dominoes going until about 5 minutes before midnight, at which time we halted play, and readied ourselves for celebrating. Our celebrations are of the low-key variety, but we never did get back to the dominoes table.

The ride home was brutally frigid. The car thermometer read -9 degrees F. Even with the cold, though, the full moon was beautiful and cast such a glow on the snow. Tree branches were glistening with frost and if ever a place could be called magical, outdoors southern Ohio was just that to bring in 2018.

The hoarfrost still clung to the branches this morning, and oh, how enchanting the new year looked out our windows. I was compelled to rush out to try to capture some pictures of the magic.

I am eager for this new year. With a long arm machine to learn and use, along with quilts I want to make, 2018 promises to be a banner year for creating. I have made some preliminary lists, and hope to  have a workable plan in place in the next couple of days, and of course these will be shared here. A publicly shared list is one that is more likely to be followed, don't you know. It makes one accountable, and I sorely need that!

Until I do finalize my goals and plans, I have a sewing room to straighten up. Sharon is coming in the morning and our plan is to cut out that blue and white Monkey Wrench/Snowball quilt I shared here before Christmas. We need to find the cutting table under all the piles and stacks of stuff that have been precariously teetering there. I am about to devote a very focused hour of attention to that cutting table. Wish me luck!

Happy Quilting, Friends, and Happy New Year!

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