Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lake Effect - A Meager Start

Haven't I been a lazy blogger lately? I had hoped those lazy blogging habits I experienced late last year were temporary, but I seem to still have rather a bad attitude some days about posting. I will try to do better.

Lake Effect, one hexie at a time, is on its way to becoming a reality. I have now stitched for two Friday sessions with the Frankfort Girls, and I like the rhythm that I get into when I am focused on it. Once I have progressed a good bit more on it, I can see myself becoming a bit obsessed. Slow start for now, though.

Does it look like water to you? I have not yet added any red, but the original Minick and Simpson quilt includes it. I think the red I picked might be too intense. As I study theirs, I think I might need to tone mine down some.

Have you seen my project tub yet? I can't remember that I have shared this. I have roughly 550-600 hexies prepped here.

This second picture shows it a bit more clearly. Do the reds look too intense? If those few hexies are interspersed throughout the quilt, will it look okay? I know I should just go with it, but I don't want to do all this work and later regret that my reds are too overpowering.

Well, that's all for today. I am linking up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching. She has added a photo challenge involving hoops. So I will go back to an oldie and share it here, just to keep with her theme.

Back in late 2016 I finished Erin's Diamonds in this hoop. I had hand quilted this giant quilt on Grandma's old quilt frame, and used the hoop to do the edges. I still can't believe I made this quilt. Erin finally got to take ownership of it right before the end of December 2016, and she loves it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love the fabrics that you are using for your hexie project. Wow--what a lot of prepared hexies! I'm not sure of the red. I wonder if it might be a bit distracting...

  2. IT is going to be a BEAUTIFUL quilt whether you pick a different red or not, the main thing is that YOU are happy with it, why not put one or two in just by laying them out and stand back to see what you think. I understand what you are feeling about the work, I just made two wedges of a big diamond quilt and absolutely hated two colors and where another one was in the design, was going to take them apart and then decided it was easier just to start over and cut those 2 wedges into rectangles to make an improv piece!!! so go with your gut! as for blogging it is strictly up to you when you post and I enjoy reading them when you do, there are no blog police. LOL take care from Iowa

  3. Wow those hexies see to go on forever, love the colors you are using, very much a water effect.

  4. The reds will give a bit of sparkle. Lol salmon in a stream

  5. You've really been working on the EPP. I can't tell if the red is too intense or not, it's hard to tell in pictures, but, when in doubt, don't use it. I understand completely regrets after the quilt is finished. Lake Effect is going to be a lovely quilt.

  6. I had to go look at the "Lake Effect" pattern to see. The reds in the hexagon field of the original pattern appear to all be light reds on cream - small plaids and tiny prints mostly. At a distance, they read 'neutral' instead of 'red'. From just the edges, your reds are more intense. You might try the 'take a black and white photo' trick to see if your reds read neutral like the pattern.


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