Friday, February 16, 2018

Modern Stars

The hubs and I have spent a week feeling rather under the weather, I'm afraid, and that has resulted in very little productivity out of my sewing room for sure. DH has had it since Sunday; my symptoms began to take hold late Tuesday. We've been achy, listless, congested. Ugh.

So I did find the energy to put the 4 modern star blocks together and added borders. That was my big accomplishment all of yesterday. I have the idea that I might hand quilt this using the big-stitch method. I am really drawn to the Baptist Fan design, so I expect I will go with it. Color? Undecided, at this point.

The stars for this wall quilt come from a book by Carrie Nelson called Farmhouse Favorites. The cover quilt, Birdseye, has these stars which really appeal to me, so I figured, let's just see what they look like in this little collection I recently bought. Nice little experiment, yes?

I just now told DH that I intend to wake up in the morning and be perky! I am sick of being sick! I shouldn't complain, because I am generally a very healthy person, and I know some folks are truly sick, but I am just not used to this inability to concentrate and get stuff done.

Wah-wah. I will take some cheese with my whine. *wink*

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I'd go with a bright pink perle cotton thread to big stitch your quilt. Baptise Fan is a great idea. I've used that design several times for big stitch. Sorry you've been sick, the flu this year is really bad. Hope you feel perky soon. Just wondering, what are the plans for quilting Snow Shoo?


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