Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Show and Tell From the Frankfort Girls

It has been awhile since I shared any fantastic projects from my wonderful group of quilting friends. Last Friday morning we met at Terry's for stitching fun and fellowship. Our group has grown to 7 members now, and we just have the best time whenever we are together. Three of the group had some show and tell finishes.

Hostess Terry shows off a California King-size quilt for her son Brian. This pattern is called Lincoln's Quilt and is made with flannels. Can you imagine how heavy this will be?

The next quilt Terry showed us was Andover's Trinkets. What a beautiful quilt! The controlled scrappy look is quite appealing.

Helen, the newbie of our group, shared her William Morris Victoria and Albert quilt. It is stunning! It was a kit. Do I dare add this to my to-do list??

Finally, I want to show you Becky's gorgeous hexagons. She is very near to the point where she will begin joining these. I love them!

How lucky am I to get to sew with such a talented group of seamstresses?! They certainly provide no end of inspiration for me! I hope you are inspired, too.

An update on Snow Shoo from yesterday while Sharon was here: I did about 30 Snowball blocks during the day, and then went back to the sewing machine last night and finished off the rest. All 105 are now DONE! Sharon has started sewing her rows together! We are in the home stretch!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. What lovely quilts! If I lived closer to you guys, I would beg for an invitation to the Frankfort group. Can't wait to see you start sewing your Snow Shoo blocks together. She's going to be so beautiful.

  2. Totally jealous of your group. So far both times I've tried to join a group have not met my expectations. I have a reference to another bunch and am going to try and connect with them.

  3. the girls have been very productive and busy. looks great!

  4. So many great projects. You obviously travel in a very talented circle of friends.

  5. Wow! I wish I could get snowed in so I could sew sew sew like you You gi Really impressive and lovely!


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