Sunday, February 25, 2018

Prairie Vine Project

Starting a new year (2018) always brings a new list of goals and plans for productivity in the sewing room. It took me most of January to get around to posting my goals for this year, but I did eventually do it. At that time, I was heavily into the production of Snow Shoo, the very first item on my list. Felt good, too, to be doing something that I really wanted to do and was actually in my plans.

Now, here we are looking at the last week of February and I am tackling a second quilt on my goals list -- Prairie Vine. I made the first block on the last day of 2017, loved how complicated it looked, yet came together quite easily, so added it to the 2018 plans. That first block is also pictured in the link provided above, and this weekend I  have made 4 more, shown below.

I pulled and set aside an assortment of fabrics from the stash that I thought would be suitable for these blocks, and I'm making just one block at a time. This is a slow way to go, but I don't really mind so much, as I love seeing how different fabric options make a block come together in a pleasing way.

In other words, I am enjoying the process. Isn't that why we quilt?

The quilt is featured on the cover of a 2007 issue of Quilt Sampler magazine. I don't know how I happened to come across it in 2017/18, but here I am a decade after publication, making that quilt.

Slow Sunday Stitching is today over at Kathy's quilts. I plan to take a few stitches today on Lake Effect. This tub sits by my chair in the family room, and I can reach for it while watching television. With March Madness right around the corner, I expect a good deal of stitching is in my future.

Rows are taking shape, as you can see. The work is satisfying, and I do get on a roll quickly each time I reach for it. When I began the Lake Effect journey last April, I determined then that I would treat this quilt as a 10-year project. I am in no rush, so working at leisure is quite a pleasure.

Not long ago, I found this pack of Thimble Pads in my sewing room; I forget buying them, but the price sticker is telling - our trip last year to Indiana. This project demands a thimble, for sure!

Have a great Sunday, and a great week!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I like a project that has no deadline...enjoyable sewing! I have never tried thimble pads...looks interesting.

  2. Prairie Vine looks like a pretty quilt. Love the vine shown on the magazine cover.

  3. I love that block! Must add it to my someday list! I especially like the block with the tans and blues.


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