Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Snow Shoo Quilt Top Finished

When one goes for several days without internet, one tends to get more work done - that is true for me, at least. Maybe others have more control about limiting their time on their devices, but not I. *smh*

What I accomplished is a quilt top! Yippee!! and Hooray!!

Snow Shoo is now a completed top and I have to say that this finished better than I expected. I just love how it looks.

This is a very deceiving quilt to figure out without a lot of study. Last year when I was photographing my friend's antique quilts, one of her treasures was this same pattern, and I had a devil of a time figuring out the blocks. Once you know, though, it makes such simple sense. Here's the link with a picture of the antique I copied.

The quilt is made by alternating a Snowball block and a Shoo Fly block - thus the name Snow Shoo. I love the chaining effect that results with the two blocks combined. I was concerned during my construction that my scrappy blues and neutrals would not mesh well together, but I think it looks absolutely gorgeous! I am thrilled with how it has turned out.

 I will not allow any quilt police to have a crack at evaluating this quilt. The fact that a few of my points have missed their marks does not detract in the least from the overall look and I am NOT seeing the flaws - only the beauty. Everyone is with me on this, right??? *wink*

 My quilt is 14 rows long and 13 rows wide. The dimensions are 82"x76". My blocks are 6.5" shoo fly and 6.5" snowballs (finished at 6"). I had intended to make the quilt one row wider and one row longer, but as I put this on the bed I realized that this was plenty big. As a result, however, I have a stack of leftover blocks to find a way to use. We shall see what happens with them. No rush to do it soon, for sure.

So, my journey with Snow Shoo has concluded until such time as I get it quilted. Be sure to stay tuned to see Sharon's Snow Shoo finish. We began this journey together and we will have pictures of hers very soon.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Jayne, this turned out so beautiful! I had no idea those blocks would form such a complex design. It all came together with such elegance. Hmmmm, I am getting an idea what I can do with all my Snowman Gatherings blue fabric.

  2. Love it! It screams for some beautiful quilting in the negative spaces.

  3. I love this quilt. It has such a simple elegance about it. I can just picture some beautiful quilting in the open spaces. I'm so glad there are still some of us doing the traditional quilts.

  4. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, simply amazing! Can you tell I love it? Can't wait to see what you do with quilting.

  5. Its beautiful! It is simple and understated but looks so complicated. I think that is the appeal of more traditional quilts and quilt blocks--their beauty stands the test of time.

  6. What a simple but elegant quilt. It's fun trying different block combinations to see the varied outcomes.

  7. Enjoyed my first time visit to your blog. Nicole gave a shout out to visit and I am glad to have done so.

  8. Stunning design from such simple blocks. I am inspired. Thank you for sharing on your blog.


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