Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Tackling That UFO

I mentioned in a recent post that this baby quilt needed to be finished, and for whatever reason, I just kept procrastinating about it. Well, I finally am nearing a finish on it!

On Sunday evening, I cut out and attached the borders. Then I located some batting scraps and sized the backing.

On Monday evening, I stitched the batting pieces together, cleaned off the big cutting table and spray-basted the layers. On Tuesday (yesterday), I listened to an audio book and machine-quilted.

No, I do not have pictures of all those steps, but I can share a few taken while quilting.

I assure you, I never do anything too creative when I machine quilt - straight lines for this gal! I know that many of my triangles were stretching, but that walking food just worked like magic, and as far as I can tell no unnecessary puckering has slipped past me. *win!*

The fabrics used in this quilt were all leftovers from an earlier baby quilt that DD Emma and I made for one of her friends nearly 2 years ago. I hated to see these triangles go to waste, so I cut more from the fabric on hand - you might note that some of the triangles are pieced - yes, I was down to the smallest strips and needed to piece some blocks in order to get a nice-sized quilt. Will baby mind? Nah. I am sure this will make no difference whatsoever!

Some of the triangles that seem "loose" will look just fine once this is laundered, and as it is a baby quilt, I am sure there will be plenty of laundering. I hope they used it a lot!

That book I am listening to?? Oh, sure, I will share that with you! I have read at least two other books by this author and she is most assuredly a gifted storyteller!

The book is set in 1660s at the time the Puritans and other settlers were taming the Atlantic sea coast up in present-day Massachusetts. The narrator/main character is a teenage girl, Bethia, who carries many burdens in this untamed world in which she finds herself. Her one true friend is a young Native American boy, which of course, must be kept secret as social and religious standards were strict for women of all ages. The historic nature of the book appeals to me, and I find it fascinating to think of how my female ancestors had to live in the days when women could not make their own life decisions. Plus the work they did! No wonder life spans were short - they worked themselves to death. 

Listening to this book has made the quilting go fast! I am nearly finished! I hope to finish it off tonight after classes. Maybe even do the binding, too. Whoa!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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