Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Quilted Twins

 Thanks to a comment from a reader local to Inverness and Citrus County, Florida, (thank you, Mama Llama!) DH and I took a little drive a few days ago to Dade City to visit Quilted Twins. I had no reason to expect that it was anything other than a typical local quilting shop. 

Gosh, was I in for a surprise!

Quilted Twins is a fabric warehouse and to suggest that I was surrounded by bolts of fabric would be to understate things. This shop consisted of many rooms packed with ceiling-to-floor shelves stuffed with bolts of fabric. It was truly overwhelming. I will let these pictures show the volume of quilting fabric stuffed into this place.

Mostly, the fabrics were separated by color which makes sense. Then, there were specialty sections or rooms, such as a batik room, a juvenile print section, a holiday or special occasion section, and a humongous area devoted to panels of every imaginable subject. Much of the fabric is closeout, but they do carry some current fabrics, too. It was quite an eclectic blend of old, new, modern, 30s, reproduction, solids, and more. So much more.

Fat quarters.

Cutting tables.

Standing at the check-out desk.

Now, I don't believe I ever revealed that I'd privately made a personal vow that I would NOT buy fabric this year - call it a 2023 New Year's resolution. Well, you guessed it. I bought 2 yards. 

However, I think I can talk myself into referring to this as a souvenir purchase rather than a fabric one. Or perhaps I will add the parameter that I can only buy sale fabric. Whichever way I look at it, two more yards of fabric will be entering the quilting room when we get home.  

And I'm not mad about it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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