Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's May Already!

Goodness Gracious! Where on earth did April go so fast? Weren't we just playing April Fool's pranks a few days ago? It's true that time flies when you're having fun.

I managed to get my Tagalong Schibbles entered into the Schnibbles Parade - I will get the hang of this yet! I "get" quilting and related topics, but I seem to fail miserably at "getting" computers, sometimes. And the things I don't get seem to be some of the simplest things. You can look at the parades here and here.

I had a mini-catastrophe last Thursday when my laptop had a crash that warranted a process that took me back to the factory setting. This is a nice way of saying that all new programs, pictures, videos, documents, bookmarks and such are gone. It will take awhile to get things restored. Sadly, some material is lost forever, but I remain optimistic that I can get it mostly recovered.

Here is one more look at the aforementioned Tagalong Schnibbbles entered in the April parade.

It is made with 2 charm packs of Butterfly Garden by Kansas Troubles for Moda. I really enjoyed making this pattern, and am very pleased with the look of the fabric.

The May Schnibbles is a free choice! How exciting is that?? I have quite a few of the patterns, and have an idea of the one I am going to pick. When I make a decision on the fabric, I will tell you all about it.

I mentioned that this was prom weekend for our 17-year-old daughter Emma. Her dad and I were on the kitchen crew for the all-night party, and are feeling the effects of a long night all day today! We got in at 4:15 am! Here is our little girl and her date, looking all grown up!
She reports that it was a fun, fun evening of activities - dinner in a nearby city, the prom, the all-night party.

Now back to quilting and blogging. I have begun adding buttons over there on the right margin. I visit a lot of blogs who appear to have quite a lot of traffic. The buttons provide some interest beyond just what I write and the pics I post. Upgrading, let's say.


  1. Ooooh.... I just love your daughter's dress - so very elegant.
    I love your quilt too - I must see if I can find that Moda fabric in a shop somewhere so that I can see it in real life!
    Could you explain what this "Schnibbles" is and if I can take part - I loved the May Parade of Tagalong quilts - so very inspiring!

  2. beautiful schnibble. you did an excellent job.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! and I can't get enough of that Tagalong... love the fabrics!

  4. Your daughter looks beautiful!! I'm glad to hear you survived the night! :o)

    Sorry to hear about your computer..hope you get things back to the way you like.


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