Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morning Accomplishments

The quilting girls from Frankfort got together this morning at Terry's to make bags. They had purchased a pattern called The Two-Hour Tulip Purse by Janice Pope. When we met on Friday, we agreed to have our bags cut out, our interfacing and batting on, and markings made, in order to be sure we would finish in 2 hours. Since all of us were making the "jumbo" size, we needed to have some advance work out of the way.

I managed to photograph 4 of the 5 bags.

This one of fabric from Westminster Fibers is mine. *big grin* I really like it! Notice the polka dot lining. I really like it, too! I am especially pleased that my bag stands up, even the handles. I dislike bags that, when placed on a surface, collapse into a blob. This has enough stiffening in the interfacing and batting that it holds its shape. Now, as it is used, that may change, of course. We shall see, we shall see...

This very springy one is JoAnn's. It still needs to be pressed, but you get the general idea.

Sheryll made th is black and cream bag. Nice long straps, which I will copy on my next one!

Terry's is green - the fabric is Kansas Troubles by Moda. I don't think the color in the picture is very true, actually.

All of us agree that this first bag gave us ideas for slight changes or modifications we will make when we do another one. We are so excited to do a second bag that 3 of us are getting together Wednesday afternoon here at my house to do just that!


  1. Love your Westminster bag and the dots too. My kinda bag :-)

  2. Wonderful! I am SO not a 3-D sewing girl. I love bags and purses, but must stick to quilts...sigh


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