Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Go Shopping

How many times have you heard me say I am going to use up the stash, while cutting back on adding more to the stash?? I know, too many. And yet I continue to fall off the wagon.

Last Friday was a wonderfully quilty day. It began with my Frankfort friends quilting together at JoAnn's house. Lovely morning.

Left there for a meeting with a high school classmate. We are planning our 35th year reunion. Gahh! It worked out that halfway between her and me put me in the neighborhood of Waynesville, OH, home of Fabric Shack!! Yippie!

The stripes are going to be lining fabrics on two bags I am planning to make. They are to complement the feature fabric on the bag, and work really well, I think.

The two blues on the bottom are destined to become yet another bag - this one a messenger bag for daughter Erin. She has a Mac laptop, smaller than my HP laptop, so I will adjust the size accordingly. I bought the fabric with her in mind, and she says I did okay.

The jelly rolls are my first ever purchases of jelly rolls. What do I plan to do with them? Haven't a clue. Why, then did I get them? I have either a charm pack or a layer cake of each of them, and simply bought them to coordinate whatever project happens along for them!

Last, there's that lonely charm pack there. It, too, was purchased to go with another charm pack of the same fabric. If I plan to do a Schnibbles, 2 are generally required, so I'm just planning ahead, don't you know.

Remember I said it was a quilty day? Well, driving home from Waynesville, I got a call from Linda, a long-arm quilter who had Erin's Urban Chic quilt saying that she had it done!!! Yayy! I picked it up on Saturday, and now I need to get busy binding it.

And, one more quilty thing: the retiree in our group is getting a quilt to honor the occasion. It, too, needs binding, and guess who is gonna' do it?? Me! So I must get busy with those and get them checked off my to-do list. Will post pics when complete.

Don't you just love quilty days? Well, there is yet another...I stopped at a WalMart to buy the latest Quilt Sampler by BH&G. I knew it had been out awhile, but hadn't been anywhere that sold it. Ummm, satisfying day.


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