Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Variety on the Agenda Today

It's a weird feeling when one quilt gets finished, and there's not another immediately pressing project breathing down my neck. I actually had 2 finishes last week - Tagalong and Americana Rose, both of which are pictured in the last couple of posts. Of course, I have gazillions of projects in the "idea" stage, but actually none that I'd been working on.

And, because I am hosting the Frankfort quilting girls this coming Friday morning, I am not especially interested in creating new chaos. Actually, I am considering cleaning up some of the chaos that I currently work around in the sewing room. Why on earth would I do this? Because one of those girls asked if maybe the next time I host our group, perhaps we could see my sewing room and stash. Oh my...

I really ought to take before and after shots. Maybe I will. This plan, however, is only workable if I actually produce on the "after." I'm not very motivated. Maybe they will forget they asked. Hmmm...well, I'll let you know how this little drama ends.

Another item on my agenda is the making of the messenger bags. I did one Friday afternoon. Tell me how you like it.

Isn't it pretty?? It is made with Westminster fabrics - I refer to all of them as Kaffe Fasset fabrics, but perhaps it is by one of the others. But I'm pretty sure this is a Kaffe. The pattern I used is from Quilts and More magazine, July 2009 Fall 2007. (correction!)
It went together very easily, and the plan is for me to make one more. Emma selected 2 Kaffe fabrics for one that she wants. I have asked both her and her sister Erin how they would change it, if they could. Erin suggested making a strap with an adjustable feature. She also thought the flap could be a bit sturdier. It does not have any interfacing or batting. Just a lining. My husband actually made a good suggestion, too. He thinks the flap should have it's corners rounded off. In the magazine there is an alternate "look" which does round the corners. Now I need to get busy completing Emma's messenger bag.

Also on my agenda for today is to ask you bloggers and computer whiz-kids a couple of technical questions. Last week, my laptop suffered a major crash, resulting in my losing all documents, pictures, and programs. I had to take the computer "back to factory settings," I was told by the HP help desk, and so he walked me through it. I have gotten over my losses, but I am wondering about a couple of things. I had a copy of Adobe Photoshop that was lost in the crash. I'd borrowed the program from someone, (probably illegal, but I did).

So here's my first question: If I'd been regularly backing up my files to an external hard-drive, would this program be on there for me to recover?

My second question is a two-parter: Would the virus that caused my crash be on that external hard-drive? And if so, will I be reintroducing that virus back into my laptop when I plug it in? I have not plugged in the external hard-drive because of this concern.

I am hoping that some tekkie out there will be able to advise me.

Finally, a friend of my older daughter Erin told me that I should check out the blog of his step-sister. He said he thought the two of us would have a lot in common. He told me this after I'd posted a photo of one of my quilts on facebook. Anyway, I did take a look at her blog, and OMG! She's got the sweetest blog, and we do have lots in common, and I do think I would love to meet her, and when she comes home next time, I hope we can schedule to meet in person!  Here, have a look for yourself! Her blog is Threadheads Unite. Enjoy!


  1. Absolutely love the fabric in your messanger bag. Cool, refreshing, pretty.

  2. The bag is fabulous, love the fabric. I don't think I'd be game to let my friends have free rein in my stash, that's brave of you. I can't help with the computer questions but I hope some else can, good luck.


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